Thursday 25 May 2017

The graphic that every Southend West voter should see

% votes cast in Southend West in 2015

Only Labour can beat the Tories in Southend West.


Labour came second two years ago.


Third-placed UKIP are imploding (and have no visible presence in the constituency).


The Liberal Democrats have blown it.


Greens are flocking to Labour (and the party is split as there is also an independent Green candidate).


If all progressives backed Labour then this will be a close contest; every vote will count.


As regards to posters and garden boards - as far as I have seen this shows a clear lead for Labour in the constituency.


As regards to campaigning, another clear lead for Labour.


As regards to online presence, again Labour locally are making all the running.


For the many, not the few, vote Labour in Southend West. Vote for Julian Ware-Lane.

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