Saturday 27 May 2017

Campaign diary, today: baked

Julian, Mick and Mike enjoying a bit of shade

It has been a very busy month or so, with campaigning of one sort or another every single day.

This heat is quite tough for those of us pounding the streets, but some really enjoy. I was relieved that we had some breeze for most of the day.

I had quite a few people stop me and thank me for my work as a Labour candidate, and members of my team have also had some very positive interactions.

Of course you do get negative reactions, none that I recall today though. When they come it is usually a case of handing back the leaflets.

Today it was long stints in Blenheim Park and Prittlewell wards. A rain-delayed start did not really interfere, giving me the opportunity for some breakfast. My stomach has been giving me hell recently, and I was reassured by stories of tummy bugs going around.; since my illness last year I am prone to wonder about worse things.

It is clear that the Conservatives are working in Southend West, and we have seen some evidence of Liberal Democrat campaigning. I have seen nothing of UKIP or the Greens, or the two independent candidates - perhaps they have realised that it is a two-horse race here this time.

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