Monday 15 May 2017

Domestic violence anonymous electoral registration

Since June 2007, victims of domestic abuse (DA) have been able to apply to register anonymously to vote.

Domestic Abuse charities have asked that this important registration be highlighted in the run up to the General Election on June 8. The UK General Election 2017 voter registration deadline is May 22.
DA victims can apply to register anoymously by obtaining either:
  • a court order or
  • an attestation - which must :
    1. certify that the safety of the applicant, or of another named person of the same household, would be at risk if the register contained the name of the applicant or of their qualifying address
    2. be in writing and signed by a qualifying officer.
For the purposes of this legislation, a qualifying officer can be a police officer of, or above, the rank of superintendent.

If you are approached by a domestic abuse victim who wishes to complete an attestation, please ensure you contact a qualifying officer, who will deal with the matter.

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