Monday 22 May 2017

Julian Ware-Lane in Leigh Jam Session

Julian Ware-Lane, Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Southend West, took some time out from his election campaign to entertain people in Leigh-on-Sea on Sunday afternoon, 21st May. Not many people know that Julian plays the cabasa as well as the guitar, and he enjoys jamming in the open air with other musicians.

With the help of some red balloons and hats there was a festive mood and Julian added: “down here in old Leigh, enjoying the sunshine and the sea and everything else, and we’re a band of musicians, just to show that campaigning and politics is not just about the dreary stuff, it’s about some of that really fun stuff too. Having great time and I hope the general public walking by, some are enjoying it. So, come down and see us.”

Video taken at the event on 21st May can be found on YouTube:

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