Saturday 29 April 2017

Pre Puffin Shenanigans

Lady Grey & The Earls

Thursday night, and to new place in `Basildon for me. I am here to see a band, recommended by an old friend I am at The Edge to see T-Bitch. However, first up are Lady Grey & The Earls who have some interesting moments.

T-Bitch remind me of The Cramps, although I also see the influence of The Stripey Zebras and The Get. They describe themselves as trans, queer, Riot Grrrl, punk outfit. I am not so sure that I agree with that description, but they were certainly interesting and I will be checking them out again. They were also nice people - I like nice people.

I wish I could name their songs, but the only title I can recall is Knickers.

Here are a couple of short videos from this gig -

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