Tuesday 11 April 2017

Place Scrutiny Committee - 10th April 2017

At tonight's Place Scrutiny Committee, a committee that I am not actually a member of, I made a couple of brief contributions.

On the item North Thames Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG) I asked about finances and sustainability. I got some assurances on both topics.

I also contributed to the debate on Better Queensway where the proposed new traffic flows were discussed. There are some serious issues here. Whilst I do not think any scheme will be perfect, I certainly think this deserves rigorous examination. I asked  about:

·         The impact of the removal of the roundabout at the junction of Sutton Road and Southchurch Road
·         I wondered whether The Deeping will be re-opened
·         I inquired as ti which part of Chichester Road will be widened.
·         The extension of Sutton Road, re-routing the junction with Southchurch Road and whether it would impact on the church and council blocks nearby.

I also asked about the proposals for the Revocation of Pier Cycling Byelaw. I was a little concerned that rickshaws will be allowed on the pier prior to the widening of the deck (bringing the pier back to its 1970s width).

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