Tuesday 28 February 2017

Car parks in Southend-on-Sea

Is there enough car parking available in Southend-on-Sea?  Availability is often cited as an issue, as is cost. I would add accessibility as the roads into the town centre are often very busy, if not jammed.

The town centre has 2319 spaces at the moment, and I would hope to see that number grow.

Elsewhere, there are 481 spaces in what is defined  as district car parks, and 972 in what is defined as seafront car parks.

There are some places missing, which may be down to how a car park is thus defined by Council Officers. I am investigating.

Here is a list of the car parks in Southend-on-Sea.

Town centre car parks

Alexandra Street
Civic Centre
Clarence Road
Essex Street
Library Great Eastern Avenue
London Road North
Short Street
Tylers Avenue
University Square
Warrior Square
York Road


District car parks

Ceylon Road
Elm Road
Hamlet Court Road
North Road
North Street
Thorpe Bay Broadway


Seafront car parks

Belton Gardens North
Belton Gardens South
Fairheads Green
Leigh Foundry
Shorefield Road
Victoria Wharf
Western Esplanade


Not marked with bays

Thorpe Esplanade
Shoebury Common
East Beach
Two Tree Island

Jump up and join in!

THIS FRIDAY AFTERNOON! If you are out and about in town and fancy a great time with fantastic music and company why not pop into The Railway in Clifftown Road for our monthly Jump Up And Join In Open Mic club? Everyone is welcome, especially anybody with a learning disability - all musicians and singers regardless of ability are encouraged to get on stage and have a go and share their songs, and we always have a great time! It's on from 1.30 to 3.30, admission is free, so look forward to seeing you there! Also don't forget to mention it to anybody who you think might be interested....

Monday 27 February 2017

The Get, and others, at The Railway

The Get

The Faux

Last night to The Railway Hotel to see some old mates play. The Get, who I have known for something like 36 years, and who I once guested with on stage, were the first on upstairs at said hostelry. My only memory of that guest appearance was that I played harmonica - I cannot recall whether it was for just one song, or a few of them. or even what songs were played. I recall that it was at the Thorpedene Community Centre in Shoeburyness. It must have been either 1981 or 1982. I digress.

The Nightingales
There have been a couple of line-up changes over the years, but there are still three originals - Bruce Gordon on vocals, Gary Smith on guitar, and Jon Smith on drums.

There's was a short set, and did not quite have the bounce of earlier performances, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I am looking forward to their next gig.

Next up was The Faux, a Fall tribute act. Loved their version of Totally Wired.

The Nightingales headlined, who were new to me. They were interesting, and I will have to dig out some of their material.

I do not watch that much live music nowadays, but when I do I realise how much I miss it.

National demonstration, #ourNHS, Saturday 4th March

Sunday 26 February 2017

Art, on the streets (I think)

Queensway, near Whitegate Road

Railway embankment, Baltic Avenue

Those wonderfully inventive Milton residents have added some new street art. Installations are popping up everywhere! Enjoy a batch I photographed this morning. 


Portland Avenue

Queensway, near Portland Avenue

What a waste

This is what £623,875 will get you - what a waste

I still marvel at how the previous Conservation administration managed to trash a perfectly good Victorian park in a conservation area and spend £1,800,000 of our money doing it. What we have now is a grassy area; not that I dislike grassy areas. But, we had a shelter, shrubs, and grassy areas before, as well as nice iron railings.

And how did the damnable kiosk cost more than twice the price of a four bedroom house to construct?

This only demonstrates that you cannot trust the Tories with your money. Their spendthrift ways are a slap in the face for many hard-pressed families. Not only are they wasteful, but their ideas are a combination of barmy and unsuitable.

Wasteful, useless, and shameless. And trashing our heritage to boot. You cannot trust the Conservatives in Southend-on-Sea with your money. 

Worth every penny of the £1,800,000 spent her - ha ha ha

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