Thursday 20 April 2017

An opportunity for Labour

As an electoral reformer I welcome all attempts to improve our democracy. However, I am cynical whenever the Conservative Party indulge in reform, because not only are their efforts often misguided but there is transparent self-interest when they do.

Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party
A good example of this is was when they introduced fixed term Parliaments. All the arguments postulated by the Conservatives (built at the time to lock in their then coalition partners) were invalidated this week when Theresa May saw an opportunity to give herself a  more comfortable ride in Parliament. The Prime Minister is hoping for an enlarged majority so that her agenda will largely be unopposed.

However, whilst I decry her U-turn, I think the challenge that is the impending General Election gives Labour a real opportunity. This is our chance sell a vision of Britain where fairness is paramount, where public services are protected, where Brexit is managed so as to give working people the best deal possible.

Voters do not have to accept a downgraded National Health Service provision. They do not have to accept fewer police and firefighters. They do not have to accept the housing crisis. They are entitled to see negotiations over Brexit that see ordinary people's lives at the centre of negotiations.

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