Sunday 8 April 2018

Love Hamlet Court Road

(Especially as this is where I live!)

Conservation and heritage has mixed fortunes in Southend-on-Sea. Milton ward, which I have been fortunate to represent as councillor for six years so far, has five conservation areas. These present a mixed story, and unfortunately some of it has been subject to Council-sponsored heritage vandalism.

The Royal Society of Arts launched the Heritage Index in London this week and it shows a mixed position for Southend-on-Sea ..... Southend scores at an amazing 7th place out of 325 for heritage assets placing it in the top 2.2%. If only that were the whole picture. Sadly the town also scores 256th for heritage activities, more or less the bottom 1/5th of the index. Unfortunately this is borne out by our experience in the town, particularly Council involvement in our heritage. []

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