Saturday 6 May 2017

A statement from Julian Ware-Lane on this week's election results

Julian Ware-Lane

A statement from Julian Ware-Lane on this week's election results

It is clear that Labour did not have a good day Thursday. It is also true that the losses we saw were largely expected. Yet, there is still everything to play for says Southend West Labour candidate, Julian Ware-Lane.

"I cannot pretend to enjoy the sight of seeing good Labour councillors defeated, but this is the nature of politics."

"It is often unfair" added Julian, "but you cannot be in this game if you cannot accept the will of the people."

It is often said that a day is a long time in politics. There are just over four weeks to go until June 8th when a new Government will be chosen. The polls are narrowing, and whilst Labour did suffer many losses in the County Council elections, UKIP have virtually been eliminated as an electoral force, and the Liberal Democrats made little headway.

It was not all bad for Labour with some areas doing better than people were predicting. in England the councils were last fought in 2013, midway through the 2010-15 Parliament and not long after our high point in 2012. At the time, UKIP were on an estimated 23 per cent of the vote, taking many votes and seats from the Conservatives. UKIP’s vote has completely collapsed, leaving the door open to Conservative gains.

"There is undoubtedly ground that has to be made up" said Julian "but with new policy announcements coming thick and fast I am sure that if voters give us a fair hearing then we stand a good chance of success on June 8th. We can only present our alternative, then the people will pass judgement".

The General Election will come down to a choice between a party that supports the many, or one that supports the few. Our public services are in crisis, and with no end to austerity in sight there are many for whom incomes in real terms are shrinking.

"A vote for Labour is a vote for the many, not the few. We need a government on everybody's side" added Julian.

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