Monday 26 March 2018

The Conservatives in Victoria ward

In the last set of local elections in the Borough of Southend-on-Sea (2016) the nadir of support for the Conservatives was in Victoria ward where they received an unimpressive 15.3%.

(The Tories achieved 15.5% in Westborough and 16.0% in Thorpe, which does make one wonder why all the effort in Thorpe.)

Many Tory candidates over the years have toiled away in Victoria ward, with scant return for their efforts. Even in a bad year this ward has safely returned a Labour councillor, and I cannot see anything else happening this year. Whilst I am reluctant to predict who will win where on May 3rd, a defeat here for Labour would be a disaster.

I have received nothing from anyone beyond Labour and the Conservatives, excepting a bizarre communication from Friends of the Earth. Here is the Conservative candidate’s leaflet, an uninspiring affair, but I guess this is no surprise. Even the most optimistic Tory must see Victoria ward as beyond their charms at present.

Mr Harland will do well to narrow the gap between the Tories and Labour, which currently stands at a smidgen under 40%.

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  1. Perhaps if Mr Harland wishes to be elected, he could put a bit more effort in to meet with and discuss issues with potential voters - and I say that as a conservative Conservative! He say he lives within Victoria Ward, but his actions show that he has not made any effort to get to know those outside his immediate area, wherever that might be. I have no idea which part of the Ward he lives in.


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