Tuesday 27 March 2018

An oddity of an election leaflet

This is an odd election leaflet, if it is an election leaflet at all. It admonishes its readers against the sin of voting Conservative, not that I disapprove of that, but it offers nothing by way of positive endorsement.

Quite what this leaflet is trying to achieve is beyond me. OK, so we should not vote Conservative but then what? The writing is often hysterical, and throws out insults like confetti. It is as if this leaflet was deliberately designed to dissuade people from supporting causes it clumsily tries to promote.

I think the author needs an education in calm and rational debate, and wants to understand that
lies and insults will create no converts.

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  1. If you book the talk for the Labour group the local eco-team will be able to educate you and your team on the pace with which the various "climate feedbacks" have begun to emerge. You may think that Prof Stephen Hawking and other reputable scientists should be dismissed but, if you listen to the talk, you will soon realise that they are not daft and the dire warnings they have given about runaway climate change should be heeded by all councillors and MPs.

    I also need to correct you about the timing of the leaflet. It is not an election leaflet. Delivery stopped prior to the start of the 6 week election period.


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