Monday 18 April 2016

Ian Gilbert for Victoria ward

There is only one sensible choice on the ballot paper this year in Victoria ward. Cllr Ian Gilbert is defending this seat for Labour, defending his record whilst doing so. And what a proud record it is.

Ian leads the Labour Group on the Council, and is Deputy Leader of the Council too. 

His industrty and intelligence are well known. Ian works hard for all in this town centre ward. 

Ian is also a keen campaigner right across the borough, happy to help out comrades wherever help is needed.

Victoria ward is Labour's safest ward in Southend-on-Sea, and this is testament to Ian's hard work, as well as that of his fellow ward councillors, Cllr Margaret Borton and Cllr David Norman.

No vote can or should be taken for granted, but anything other than another term for Ian will be seen as a major upset.

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