Friday 8 April 2016

Castle Point 2016 - the Labour team

Castle Point Borough election candidates

The Labour slate this year in Castle Point is

Appleton - Gwyn Bailey
Boyce - Audrey Regan
Canvey Island Central - Bill Scott
Canvey Island East - Jackie Reilly
Canvey Island North - Sonia Mutch
Canvey Island South - Mile Curham
Canvey Island Winter Gardens - Maggie McArthur-Curtis
Cedar Hall - Bernie Thorne
St. George's - Joe Cooke
St. George's  - Freddy West
St. James' - Dina Mehdi
St. Mary's - Jack Rawlings
St.  Peter's - William Emberson
Victoria - Tom Harrison

Number of candidates by party

14 Labour
14 Conservative
5 Canvey Island Independent
2 Liberal Democrat

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