Thursday 28 April 2016

A potential for all change in Rochford, and let's hope it happens

Here are the Labour candidates for next week's Rochford District Council elections :-

Downhall & Rawreth - Shaun Cain
Foulness & The Wakerings - David James Michael Lench
Foulness & The Wakerings - Jack Newman
Foulness & The Wakerings - Paul Leslie White
Hawkwell East - Gill Gibson
Hawkwell West - Robert Clemenson
Hockley - Ian James Rooke
Hockley & Ashingdon - Stephen Arthur Willis
Hullbridge - David Frederick Flack
Hullbridge - Robin Hume
Hullbridge - Roger Anthony Neville
Lodge - Bernadette Hannon
Roche North & Rural - Mark Jonathon Daniels
Roche North & Rural - Kevin Douglas Salt
Roche North & Rural - Myra Anne Weir
Roche South - Simon Gosden
Roche South - John Henry Jefferies
Roche South - Victoria Mary Williams
Sweyne Park & Grange - Craig Matthew Archer
Trinity - Stephen James Cooper
Wheatley - Luke Houghton

The number of candidates per party :-

39 Conservative
21 Labour
9 Liberal Democrat
8 Rochford District Residents
4 Green
2 Independent

This is an all-up election for Rochford which has seen new ward boundaries. This means that there could be an end to the Conservative administration - I live in hope.

A few familiar names amongst the candidates include Ann Holland, standing in Foulness & The Wakerings. Ms Holland is Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group on Southend-on-Sea Borough Council. I assume this is an indication that she has finally decided to represent a ward in her home authority and intends to give up her Southchurch seat.

Also standing in Foulness and The Wakerings is Mr Kursaal Green, Simon Cross. Whilst I, of course, hope for Labour victories I wish him well. Southend-on-Sea's political scene will be the poorer for his absence.

I confess to some shock in seeing Angelina Marriott standing in Conservative colours in Hullbridge. I have campaigned with Angelina on many occasions and she never gave me the impression of being likely to switch sides. Hullbridge seems to be the place for disaffected former Labour members.

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