Monday 18 April 2016

The best team for Southend-on-Sea

The Labour team in the Southend-on-Sea Borough Council elections 2016 is as follows

Belfairs - Dave Alston
Blenheim Park - Matt Dent
Chalkwell - Taylor J. A. Barrall
Eastwood Park - Sean Ryan Jones
Kursaal - Helen Elizabeth McDonald
Leigh - Matt Zarb-Cousin
Milton - Julian Ware-Lane
Prittlewell - Mike Fieldhouse
Shoeburyness - Maggie Kelly
Southchurch - Ros Sanders
St Laurence - Reg Copley
St Luke's - Donna Michelle Richardson
Thorpe - Rod Birks
Victoria - Ian David Gilbert
West Leigh - Ian David Pope
West Shoebury - Joseph Edward Saunders
Westborough - Anne Patricia Jones

Candidates per party :-

17 Labour
17 Conservative
17 Liberal Democrat
17 Green
15 Independent

The Independents are actually standing in thirteen wards - in Shoeburyness and Westborough there are two independent candidates standing. Both these wards have seven candidates for voters to choose from, which makes for an unusually crowded ballot paper.

I expect the Joint Administration to retain enough councillors to be able to stay in charge until 2018 (when the next set of elections are due). In fact, I expect nett  Conservative losses, whilst they may also make the odd gain. I predict that the Labour Group will grow, whilst I think further Liberal Democrat shrinkage is likely as well.

I do not expect wins for either the Greens or UKIP, although their presence could easily affect results. They will take votes from Labour and the Conservative, and it remains to be seen what this will mean in terms of who wins where.

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