Wednesday 6 April 2016

The future for waste management in Southend-on-Sea

Some information on what is happening to waste management in Southend-on-Sea.

Service Enhancements:

·         More recycling bags to residents
·         Better garden waste service
·         Garden waste service - discount on direct debit
·         Reintroduction of textile bags
·         New  IT systems, linked to CRM and in-cab technology

Four day working week:

·         Service Change includes moving to a 4 day working week (Tues – Fri)
·         Reduces requirement for Bank Holiday catch ups
·         Eliminates visibility of sacks during catch up periods
·         Vehicle down-time for servicing, MOT’s reduced
·         Training delivered on Mondays – reduces impact on service
·         No reduction of service – condensed working week

Service Changes – Paper and Cardboard Recycling Box

·         Introduction of additional  receptacle for enhanced recycling  (paper and card) TEEP compliant
·         Improves quality of recycling collected
·         Increases residents capacity to recycle
·         Using split body vehicles for collections

Engagement with the Public:

·         Proactive communication with residents on assisted collections
·         Assessing needs of less mobile and infirm residents
·         2 Recycling Officers employed to promote positive recycling messages
·         Encourage greater participation
·         Education rather than enforcement


·         Flats will be assessed to see what receptacles are the ‘best fit’
·         Promote communal recycling areas where practicable
·         Engage with Housing Associations / Letting Agents and Landlords
·         Maximise recycling potential from flats and HMO’s

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