Thursday 14 April 2016

Meatless Mondays

There are a number of good reasons why we should be encouraged to reduce our meat intake. This does not mean a full-blown conversion to vegetarianism or veganism, but perhaps having one day a week where meat does not feature in any of our meals.

There are, as I see it, three main reasons why reducing meat consumption is a good thing. Our health, our most precious thing, is the main reason. Studies have shown that a reduced meat intake promotes a healthier life with increased longevity. For instance, heart disease, in many cases,  is linked to the consumption of red meat.

Reducing meat consumption also helps our planet and the environment. Less land is required to produce vegetables than to manage livestock, meaning that precious natural habitats can be preserved. Keeping livestock is also responsible for the production of a significant amount of greenhouse gases.

There is also the issue of animal cruelty. Where possible it is incumbent on humans to treat animals with respect.

Meat Free Monday encourages people to skip meat for one day a week to improve their health and help the planet. I hope to one day see Southend-on-Sea join the likes of Barcelona in promoting the MFM campaign.

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