Saturday 4 March 2017

Wot, no conservation in Southend?

We are fast approaching the anniversary of the last time the Conservation Working Party met. Yes, that's right, a whole year that this important body has not met, and this is a disgrace.

Clearly, the Conservative-UKIP coalition cares not about conservation, because that last meeting was held under the previous Joint Administration that Labour was a senior partner in.

There are fifteen conservation areas Southend-on-Sea as designated by the Borough Council. They ensure that the architectural heritage is looked after, that the best is preserved and standards upheld. Milton ward is home to five of them.

We are fortunate to have had so much of our heritage preserved, despite some disastrous developments over the years. The Conservation Working Party helps to identify the special historical and architectural interest of the conservation areas, review boundaries and controls, and arrange for a management plan.

By not meeting the ruling administration are showing that conservation is not a priority for them. This is very worrying for all who care about keeping the best of the town beautiful.

The working party has eight councillors and is chaired by Cllr Holland (deputy leader of the Conservative Group).

Representatives from the following local organisations also attend: South East Essex Archaeological Society, Milton Conservation Society, Leigh Society, The Southend Society, Shoebury Society, CAWS, and Southend and District Building Preservation Trust.

The last Conservative Working Party met on March 14th, 2016. It is anyone's guess as to when the Conservative-UKIP coalition can be bothered to call the next one.

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