Tuesday 7 March 2017

Stranger in a strange land

Last night I turned up at my old CLP's meeting. Last march I moved about a mile and a half eastwards, and in doing so moved constituencies. For many years I was a resident in Southend West, and I now reside in Rochford and Southend East.

I am very close to the constituency boundary, and am five minutes' walk from four wards (Chalkwell, Milton, Prittlewell and Westborough)  in addition to the one I actually reside in (Victoria).

There were eighteen people at 268 Sutton Road(Southend Labour's HQ)  last night (seven female, 11 male, so no parity). The meeting was chaired by Cllr Charles Willis. Also sat at the top table were Cllr Kevin Robinson (secretary) and Hilary Scarnell (treasurer). There were six councillors in attendance (Cllrs Borton,  Jones, Nevin and Ware-Lane, in addition to the two already mentioned).

Those that spoke  included Mike Smith, who spoke about the SAVELeigh-on-Sea Post Office campaign, and Norman Traub, who spoke about the NHS campaign and KONP (Keep Our NHS Public).

There was a general discussion on the recent Council budget, and on the future of the Labour Hall.

It was good to see comrades who I have not bumped into for a while.

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