Wednesday 29 March 2017

The flip-flop twins strike again

For some, I suppose, consistency is a crime. An aberration to be eschewed at the slightest provocation. For some steadfastness is a weakness, a curse to be avoided.

You see, consistency and steadfastness  can lead to accountability. With a constantly changing outlook, and an ever-changing loyalty, you can evade a lot of awkward things, like having to honour election pledges, or acting on your previously spoken words. Indeed, by flip-flopping your gymnastic abilities help you to avoid responsibility for almost all things.

Or not.

Cllrs Lawrence Davies and Tino Callaghan have jumped ship, again. These two were elected in 2014 when they were in UKIP.  UKIP had five councillors elected in Southend-on-Sea that year. In less than three years this pair have been in three parties, and who knows how many more they can sneak in before being turfed out by the voters in Kursaal and Prittlewell.

It is well known that the Southend Independence Group was created as  UKIP in Southend-on-Sea could not accommodate all of the conflicting egos. Now we have the two of the three SIG councillors eloping with the Independent Group, one can but wonder about the unique charms of Cllr Moyies.

Some cynics might suggest that with thirteen months before Lawrence  and Tino have to face the electorate they are desperate to find a vehicle that will secure another term.  Some might suggest that their record ought to be enough, without the need to jump on the coat-tails of the (ahem) unstoppable Woodley bandwagon.

Whatever. The newly rebranded Independent Alliance will now be the second largest group in the chamber, and thus the official Opposition, a mantle that until this week belonged to Labour. Whilst they are already claiming to be a better Opposition than Labour, I would suggest that their voting records be examined. For instance, at the recent budget vote all but one of that group abstained. Is abstention really opposition, or is it the avoidance of having to take a stance?

The voters in Kursaal and Prittlewell can, in the meantime, reflect on their voting choices made in 2014 and wonder whether it is worth re-electing these two when, clearly, their allegiances change like the wind.

I am predicting a new home for the flip-flop twins before long - see here.

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