Monday 20 February 2017

Stint number four

Stint number four at the homeless shelter. Always something to look forward to, always something to lift the heart, always a humbling experience.
Ashleigh Condon, helper/receptionis, with James Duddridge, Member of Parliament

Julian Ware-Lane with borrowed cup, and Gerald/Chris the cap's owner

The many guests, each with a story. 'Gerald' (who turned out to be a Chris); fun and musical. TJ, the tall, polite, serious Dane. Patricia, a mother hen in search of a brood. Kenneth, cheeky and humble. The recently pregnant young lady; quiet and self-contained. And more.

The visiting Member of Parliament I am sure learnt something, if only that privilege often creates ignorance. Yet who can even begin to know what it means to be homelessness. It means being cold, hungry, vulnerable, bored, ignored, invisible.

Well done to John Barber for managing this centre, for all the helpers who give of themeslves, for everyone for tolerating me.

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