Friday 10 February 2017


This week saw the sad news of the passing of Ric Morgan. Ric was a Liberal Democrat councillor for Prittlewell ward when I was elected in 2012, although he soon enough became 'independent'.

He is the third person to have died who I shared the chamber with. It was a shock to hear of his death aged 71 last Monday. I am told it was a heart attack.

I got along pretty well with Ric; he was, as far as I was concerned, always a friendly face and an easy conversation. That is not to say I always agreed with him, although on policy I agreed with him far more than not. I recall many a Scrutiny Committee when we effectively formed a double act of sorts in challenging the then Conservative administration and its poor record as regards to education.

He clearly had a socialist disposition and I did ask him to join us (Labour) - he always cheerfully refused my entreaties. 

He will be missed.

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