Wednesday 15 February 2017

Oh no, not again please

There has been speculation that Jeremy Corbyn is considering stepping down as Labour Leader. This would trigger another election.

I did not support Jeremy in either of the last two contests, but I hope that this speculation is mere gossip, wild speculation in the absence of real news and in defiance of reality.

We have had two leadership contests in under a year, and despite my misgivings Mr Corbyn triumphed in both contests with handsome majorities. He should be allowed to lead us (for now at least).

Labour needs another leadership contest like I need a hole in the head. Aside from being a distraction that allows the Conservatives to again govern with no effective opposition, it makes Labour look like a shambles. We need stability, elected leaders need the time and space to do their job.

Another contest would allow the factions to start again with the nastiness too. Whilst most comrades remain that - comradely - some cannot control themselves. Difference of opinion give some the green light for their keyboard warrior skills.

Jeremy must improve as leader, and I think there is evidence that he is doing just that. Every leader we have has had their shortcomings, and being Labour means being prepared to compromise and accept that not everything the party or its leader does is going to make everyone happy. But surely we have all got to accept overwhelming democratic victories.

And Jeremy has got to dismiss any notion of stepping aside for a successor, for now anyway. He has won two victories, the majority of Labour members want him in post, he has got to lead.

No more leadership contests please, not for a couple of years at least. Can't we use our energies to campaign against our opponents, and not ourselves for a change?

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