Wednesday 8 February 2017


First impressions count, so they say. I would say that often first impressions surprise.

I've seen a few homes, quite a few. Sometimes my door-stepping sees me invited in, most times I content myself with a view of a closed front door. Between the two are those who indulge me with a conversation at an opened front doorway.

Occasionally I anticipate the reception I think I will receive, mostly not.

Everyone has a story; people are endlessly fascinating. Most are fun, some are rude. All are different.

I am not hugely house-proud, or indeed particularly. I am not sure what Surprising things your guests noticeabout your home and the things they don’t. I am unconcerned about the many homes I visit in my role as an activist, I am interested only when there are obvious signs that their home is a potential health hazard. These types of home (health hazards) are mercifully few, and always pointed out to me by the tenant.

Homes come in all shapes and sizes, with all sorts of decorating and design ideas. I am not really there to admire, my purview is to see how I can help and perhaps persuade, but I cannot but marvel at the ingenuity on display right across the ward I represent.

With homes it is dangerous to judge a book by its cover; a political guessing game of what party will these people support often produces failure. People in big, posh house so not all vote Conservative, and likewise those in social housing are not all Labour voters. And you would be amazed at where 'problems' are found. Big houses does not always equate to nirvana, and bedsitland does not make misery.

It is one glorious melting pot in Milton, in so many ways. A joy to represent, and to work in.          

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