Thursday 19 January 2017

Southend Labour Diners Club

I am restarting the Southend Labour Diners Club. I started this five years ago, ran it for eighteen months..

The idea is that I organise a date and venue, and you turn up. You pay for your own food and drink and contribute an extra £5 to local Labour Party funds. These fivers will be solely used for our campaigns, paying for the leaflets, etc.

The inaugural event for SLDCv2 is as follows:

Gulshan Tandoori Indian Restaurant , 266 Sutton Road (next door to the Labour Hall). Wednesday, 8th February 2017, 7.30pm.

They do a special set menu for £11.95

You pay for your own food and drink, I will collect £5 on top for party funds. You get good food, will contribute to a good cause, and can enjoy convivial company with kindred political spirits.

To gauge numbers can you let me know whether you will be attending?

Bring your friends and family – non-members are welcome.

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