Monday 30 January 2017

Central branch AGM

Last week saw the annual general meeting of the Central branch. This clashed to some extent with the Holocaust Day Memorial Service, and so I missed the first half of the meeting.

Central branch covers four wards in Southend-on-Sea: Kursaal, Milton, Victoria, St Luke's.

This branch therefore has seven councillors, yet I think it should have all twelve. Certainly that is what we are working towards.

Whilst there is talk of a reorganisation in the Rochford and Southend East Labour Party, until (and if) such time as the branch changes we continue with the set-up as is, and elect officers to run it. The discussion that was had on reorganisation was inconclusive, which suggests that the status quo is likely to maintain for the time being anyway.

Elected at the meeting -

Chair                                             Ian Gilbert
Vice chair campaigns                   Anna Ingram
Vice chair membership                Mike Smith
Secretary                                      Martin Berry
Treasurer Victoria                        Gary Farrer
Treasurer Milton                          Mac Felton

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