Monday 16 May 2016

Southend UKIP propping up the unpopular

As we are about to see a change in who runs the Borough of Southend-on-Sea I think it pertinent to remind people that the new administration will be led by a Conservative Party that achieved its lowest vote share in more than two decades, attracting less than 30% of those that voted. They will be propped up by a party, UKIP, who failed to win a single seat.

Such is the bizarre nature of our democracy.

The Tory-UKIP pact replaces a Joint Administration, whose candidates received just over 51% of the popular vote.

So, it could be argued that not only are UKIP bending over backwards to give the reins of power to the Tories, they do this in defiance of the wishes of Southend's voters.

Still, doubtless both UKIP and their new found blue friends will now be able to celebrate every cut foisted upon them by Mr Cameron's Government. In the meantime, the Labour Group will continue to fight for fairness.


St Luke's Voice Winter 2018/19 edition