Thursday 26 May 2016

The cliffs repairs - a long wait thus far and a while to go I expect

A couple of years rainwater run-off led a stream-like cascade down Seaforth and Manor Road in Westcliff-on-Sea. This torrent led to a waterfall like cascade over the Clifton Drive cliffs, which caused a considerable amount of damage.


The Council pledged to repair the damaged cliffs, repairs that are well under way. However, it does appear that the repairs are taking longer than expected.


Assurances were issued by the previous Leader of the Council (Cllr Ron Woodley) that the cliff repairs would be completed by June 3rd. With about a week until that deadline passes I cannot but believe that it will be a deadline that will be missed.


In fact my admittedly inexperienced eye suggests that the deadline is going to be missed by a country mile. Now I do know that these repairs take time, and that the Council is undertaking proper repairs rather than a quick fix, but these cliffs do not look like they will be completed by the summer  - which will disappoint not just locals but those who choose to visit this wonderful seaside town.


I hope that the repairs are being expedited with all possible speed. For too long these cliffs have been out of bounds, initially owing to damage, and owing to repairs.


I want good, substantial repairs above all else. But this has been a long time in the waiting, and looking increasingly like we will have to wait a while longer.

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