Sunday 16 April 2017

Warrior Square park, again

The park in Warrior Square is a testament to the fact that you cannot trust the Tories in Southend to responsibly spend taxpayers money. A cool £1.8 million was spent (wasted) on trashing a Victorian park in a conservation area and replacing it with a largely unused  and ugly, unkempt lawn, adorned by some pretty miserable shrub beds.

This park is now largely host large numbers of drinkers and drug users (if one believes the oft-repeated complaints from residents) whose anti-social behaviour apparently includes throwing bottles, foul language, and using the trees and bushes as an open air toilet (both urine and solid waste). Those long benches, whilst enjoyed by many respectful residents and visitors, are often home to those who regularly display unacceptable levels of behaviour.

This park needs a radical rethink in its design. Maybe it should have a fence and be locked in the evenings. In the short-term a visible police presence would be helpful, although in an era of cuts this may be an unfulfilled wish.

Warrior Square does fall within a drinking control zone.

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