Thursday 27 April 2017

Cllr Moyies changes sides, again

Considering I have only been a councillor for five years I have seen a fair number of members change sides in that time. Some have changed sides more than once.

James Moyies is the flip-flop champion. Three parties, and out-in-out then in again as regards to the ruling administration.

Cllr Moyies, whose three years representing West Shoebury have largely been spent confusing those who reside there. One can but wonder what his election address will say? Maybe "a vote for Moyies is a guarantee of inconsistency"?

Since I hear that West Shoebury Tories have already selected their 2018 candidate one is left to wonder whether James will stand again, or where. Perhaps the current Tory candidate is about to be shafted.

In the meantime, voters across the borough of Southend-on-Sea are bound to be confused as to the political mix in the council chamber.

With Cllr Moyies defection taken into account I think the current situation is -

25 Conservative
10 Southend Independence Alliance
10 Labour
2 Liberal Democrat
1 Independent
1 vacancy

The Conservative-UKIP coalition now has a majority of 4.

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