Thursday 13 September 2018

What is going on here?

The bit of the London Road that runs east of Princes Street and terminates at the top of he High Street has had some ‘improvements’ made to it earlier this year.

This stretch of road is shared by two wards: Milton and Victoria.

I would have seen the council papers in respect of these works; I even recall asking questions at committee. Yet, I struggle to understand what these works have achieved, and I am no sure they can really be described as improvements.

There is an orange roadworks bollard still in place at the eastern end of the newly created central reservation – does this mean that work has not yet been finished?

What is the central reservation all about? Is it going to be home to trees and shrubs (I wish) soon?

I cannot recall the precise numbers involved, but the cost runs into six digits. Is the end result value for money (bearing in mind that the cost was borne by taxpayers)?

Whatever, I remain puzzled by what has been implemented.

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  1. Personally I find it bland and boring. It adds nothing to the street scene


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