Friday 7 September 2018

Political blogging in Southend

What makes a good blog? Intelligent content that is well-written is one determinant, another would be the frequency of output. A blog that goes months without being updated is of little use, especially I the fast moving world of politics.

I am not sure anyone would describe Southend-on-Sea as an exciting town politically, after all, the last time a non-Conservative was elected to Parliament by Southend’s voters was 1906. Still, the council chamber does at least show the occasional dissent from Tory orthodoxy, as the Tories struggle to muster decisive majorities.

I have listed below the local political bloggers that I am aware of, sorted by the date of the latest entry. Aside from me (and I admit to being less assiduous as regards to blogging than I used to be) only three at a push can claim to have done anything recently.

There are alternatives to blogs, yet nothing in my humble opinion is as good at delivering a good argument or discourse as the bloosphere.

John Haran
12 Aug 2018
Mike Fieldhouse
9 Aug 2018
Nigel Holdcroft
28 Jul 2018
Daniel Nelson
30 May 2018
Ian Pope
14 Apr 2018
Matthew Dent
9 Apr 2018
Tony Cox
16 Mar 2018
James Courtenay
23 Jan 2018
Del Thomas
28 Oct 2016
Mark Flewitt
20 Aug 2016
Ian Gilbert
17 Jun 2016
Martin Terry
4 Apr 2016
Helen McDonald
27 Mar 2016

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