Thursday 27 September 2018


By my reckoning, with six years as a councillor under my belt, I now find myself senior to nineteen of the borough’s councillors (in terms of tenure).

There has been four sets of local elections in those six years, as well as a couple of by-elections.

I am not sure whether this level of turnover is a good thing or not or, indeed, whether it is unusual even. With fifty-one councillors in total (and factoring the other newbies elected in 2012 when I was successful) it is close to half who can count six years or less as members.

I shall be delighted to see a third term, and am in no doubt that I will never be the ‘father’ of the chamber. For starters, there are still quite a few with far more experience than me who will be around for a years yet. Also factor in the fickle nature of politics, which could mean that this second term that I am serving could be my last.

I am fifth in seniority in the Labour Group – halfway in a group of eleven.

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