Sunday 15 April 2018

Community newsletter from Rochford to Wakering

The Friends of Rochford Group on Rochford District Council has four members, one from Roche North & Rural ward, and all three in Foulness & The Wakerings ward. They are the third largest party in a district where the fractured opposition must make life easier for the ruling Conservatives.

The Friends of Rochford are part of a larger grouping in the council chamber called United 4 Democracy campaign, which seems largely to exist in order resist housebuilding plans. United 4 Democracy also includes the Liberal Democrats, Greens, and Rochford District Residents.

The current make-up on Rochford District Council is as follows:0

21 Conservative
5 Rochford District Residents
4 Friends of Rochford
4 Liberal Democrat
3 Green
1 Rayleigh Independents

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