Tuesday 14 March 2017

The Welfare of the Chalkwell Park Peacocks

Ashleigh Condon at the Chalkwell Park peacock enclosure

Labour councillor, Julian Ware-Lane, is concerned for the four peacocks in Chalkwell Park. The peacock and three peahens are caged in what is the last vestige of Chalkwell Park menagerie.

Decades ago Chalkwell Park was home to Lulu the bear, as well as chimpanzees and many other smaller mammals, birds, and reptiles. Now, all that remains are the peafowl - the concerns for animal welfare have seen the other animals re-homed over the years.

Chalkwell Park peacocks
Animal rights campaigner, Cllr Ware-Lane, wants these birds to be re-homed. "Nowadays peafowl are seen wandering the grounds of stately homes and the like, not caged. These enclosures do not seem big enough to me, not for birds of this size."

"I recall visiting the Chalkwell Park menagerie on many occasions as a child, but times have moved on. Now we are much better informed about animal rights. These birds should be free to roam" added Julian.

Ashleigh Condon, Labour LCF Secretary and animal rights campaigner is also concerned for these birds: "I do not believe in caging birds although I understand that those bred in captivity probably ought to stay that way. However, they should have the space suited to their needs. Peacocks are large birds that need a large space to roam. The council has a duty of care for their well-being."

Cllr Ware-Lane is calling for these birds to be re-homed so that they can roam free.

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