Friday 31 March 2017

Call me Dan

I am expecting news any day of a proof-reader for Dan Nelson's website. The typo count is quite impressive on his website.

Dan "where is the Labour candidate" Nelson tried and failed in Milton last year. (His cheap jibe at my absence from last year's count shows just how well he does his research - I was in hospital at the time.) He has been selected by the local Tories to try to oust Cllr Derek Kenyon from Southchurch ward.

Curiously, his contact page invites one to 'Contact us' - us? The page appears to advertise Mr Nelson's charms, solely.

Daniel (he insisted on me calling him Dan at a recent meeting) wants to protect  "what makes Southchurch so great". There is, though, no indication of what this is. Perhaps he could consult the non-Southend resident, Cllr Ann Holland, for advice on this.

None of his posts allow comments. Is he afraid of something, criticism perhaps?

On the good side, the site exists. At least residents can see who he is and what he is doing. I like local political blogs, even if they espouse views that I disagree with. Dan's is a welcome addition.

It is light on subjects with real meat in them, but that may be deliberate. I hope this is not deliberate because important issues need voices from all places. I would hope that Dan is not evading contention  in the hope to be all things to all men, a strategy that as dishonest as it is doomed.

Dan's selection is early, and he may be on his own as I have yet to see any official announcement of Conservative candidates for other Southend-on-Sea wards. 

Southend Labour has not selected for any ward for the 2018 elections as yet. This is likely to occur in the early summer.

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