Sunday 26 February 2017

What a waste

This is what £623,875 will get you - what a waste

I still marvel at how the previous Conservation administration managed to trash a perfectly good Victorian park in a conservation area and spend £1,800,000 of our money doing it. What we have now is a grassy area; not that I dislike grassy areas. But, we had a shelter, shrubs, and grassy areas before, as well as nice iron railings.

And how did the damnable kiosk cost more than twice the price of a four bedroom house to construct?

This only demonstrates that you cannot trust the Tories with your money. Their spendthrift ways are a slap in the face for many hard-pressed families. Not only are they wasteful, but their ideas are a combination of barmy and unsuitable.

Wasteful, useless, and shameless. And trashing our heritage to boot. You cannot trust the Conservatives in Southend-on-Sea with your money. 

Worth every penny of the £1,800,000 spent her - ha ha ha

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