Thursday 23 June 2016

Begone is me, an alien to Southend West

Last night, my last Southend West Constituency Labour Party meeting. For a while anyway. Who knows what the impending boundary review will bring (I hope for a Southend Central seat, but that argument is for another day).

I have only been a member of one CLP up to my recent house move. I now can proudly talk of belonging to Rochford and Southend East CLP. I held my positions in Southend West up to the annual general meeting, and this was last night.

I lose my twin roles of Treasurer and Trade Union Liaison Officer. I now hold no Labour positions outside of those acquired as a councillor. I feel almost naked as a result, like an outsider. I will look to having a role in my new ward and constituency, but that is for later.

So, begone is me from Southend West. They, the eighteen others assembled last night,  elected the following officers:

Chair - Charles Willis
Vice chair campaigns - Margaret Borton
Vice chair membership - Cheryl Nevin
Treasurer - Hilary Scarnell
Secretary - Kevin Robinson
Women - Maxine Sadza
Trade union liaison - Alex Nicholas
Youth - Israel Genius
Political education - Tony Borton
Information technology - Mick Ekers

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