Thursday 30 June 2016

Fighting the threat to the Westborough Health Centre

Tuesday, St.Andrew's church. A gathering of more than thirty patients from the Westborough Health Centre. Three Labour councillors also attended (Jones, Ware-Lane, Wilis), two because they are also patients registered at this surgery.

There is a sense that there is an agenda to close WHC down, that all one-doctor surgeries are being squeezed out in favour of the new large health centres. This, it seems , is the agenda at large when the NHS is in the hands of Conservatives.

This has been my surgery for more years than I care to count, since I was a child in fact. But my desire to keep it open has nothing to do with dewy-eyed nostalgia, and everything to do with the fact that Dr Bhattacharjee is a good doctor, a popular doctor. He has always provided a first class service for me.

This surgery has been damned by the Care Quality Commission. This is at odds with my experience. I have recently had good cause to celebrate the excellent care given here, and my diagnosis to cure period of under two months for a very serious condition is testament to the diligence and care given me. I may well have suffered considerably had I been registered elsewhere.

My new lease of life is not entirely due to Dr Bhattacharjee, but he can claim significant credit. I hope he has many years of practise in front of him, and I hope that this is delivered at the Westborough Health Centre.

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