Thursday 6 September 2018

Hate crime in Southend-on-Sea

This evening I attended a members’ development event on hate crime. Some interesting (and horrifying in many ways) statistics were presented.

Between 1st January 2018 and 3rd September 2018 there were 335 recorded hate crimes in Southend-on-Sea. Of these, 206 were racial in character.

The ward with the most hate crime is Milton. Victoria is second, Blenheim Park third.

Southend-on-Sea has the highest levels of hate crime in Essex.

Here is a handy link -

Nine councillors attended this event – 6 Conservative, 2 Labour, 1 Liberal Democrat. Four were female.

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  1. I'm appalled by these figures. Particularly as most of these cases are not publicised in The Echo. Sweeping it all under the carpet?


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