Tuesday 14 August 2018

Here be rats

I have had several reports of rats in Warrior Square. Apparently they can be quite brazen.

Whatever the merits of these little furry animals, they do spread germs. Having them around unfettered in a town centre public park is unacceptable. Warrior Square is used, often by youngsters and families, it is also home to a cafe.

Cafe customers must enjoy seeing wildlife whilst enjoying outdoor dining, yet cannot help but be appalled by the sight of vermin scurrying around them. As for users of the park, everyone is aware of the health threats posed by these animals.

Added to this I the sense of neglect and decay that the presence of rats convey.

The rats, I am told, nest in the bushes adjacent to Chichester Road and under the decking nearby.

I have asked the Council to look into this, although I understand that another victim of the draconian cuts is pest control.

I hope that public health does not suffer because of austerity.

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