Friday 17 November 2017

Prospects in Blenheim Park

Southend Labour, and especially those in Southend West, have long thought that they detected possibilities in Blenheim Park ward. As the numbers below show, this wish was not always matched by actual election results. The following numbers show the gap between the Labour vote and the winning vote for election n Blenheim Park ward since 2001.

2001 – 599
2002 – 632
2003 – 591
2004 – 879
2006 – 696
2007 – 725
2008 – 746
2010 – 1340
2011 – 464
2012 – 314
2014 – 468
2015 – 983
2016 - 160

Last year’s results was a boost to Labour hopes. Not only has the gap between us and the Tories shrunk considerably, since May 2016 our national polling has improved. Whilst anything can happen over the next six months, there is cause for optimism, especially as the councillor defending the seat defected from UKIP to the Conservatives.

Turncoat councillors do provide an intriguing prospect. Those who elected Cllr Waterworth four years must at best be bemused, and more likely disappointed, by his apparent conversion to the blue cause. This comes at a time when blue prospects right across Southend-on-Sea are waning.

Daniel Cowan is the Labour candidate for next May, and he is a doughty campaigner. I expect a good showing by him and Labour in May, if not outright victory. This is a contest I am looking forward to.

I was out canvassing with him in Blenheim Park ward last week, and whilst as always it is a small snapshot, it was a good session for Labour and Daniel.

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