Thursday 29 December 2016

Recent events unrecorded

A choir sings, Civic Centre

I used to attempt to record much of my community activity, somehow I struggle to find the time nowadays to be as prolific a blogger as I once was. To be fair, though, I never intending my blog go be a diary, nor pretended it was ever complete.

East Uropean Cultural Festival
Westborough Christnas fair: Cllrs Robinson, Jones and Ware-Lane
Sometimes I miss writing stuff about interesting or important issues. The trouble is, there is much to enervate the mind, and too few hours to really do much. At times I have the choice of action or writing, and writing has to take the back seat.

Poetry at the 24WA charity art auction
However, I do as much as I can, and I hope that after a year that has seen ill health that I will be back to full speed in my activism.

Here are some recent photos; I hope you like them. Here's to a successful 2017.


Menorah lighting, five councillors and a rabbi

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