Thursday 7 July 2016


It would be fair to say that I have had a number of conversations since June 25th on the subject of leadership. This has largely been about Labour and Jeremy Corbyn, although the Conservative contest has also been discussed.

I have fought shy of making any meaningful public announcement about this, although I have stated that I thought a rush to have a contest (for Labour) whilst the shock of the referendum result was still sinking in was far too premature.

Let's be clear, I supported Liz Kendall's Leadership bid last year and was very public in stating this. I also said that whoever won would get my full support. This stands true today. In the end Jeremy got a resounding victory. His tenure has yet to see its first anniversary.

There is no contest at the moment, and when one arises then I will gladly state my preferences. Until then, Jeremy is in post and we have to get on with it.

I do not understand why some of my comrades, both parliamentary candidates and councillors, feel the need to commit to either supporting or challenging Corbyn's leadership. It is as if there is a desire to see rifts and splits. Those we seek to represent gain nought from all this internal strife, the only ones who gain from this are our opponents, especially the Conservatives.

Of course the Leader is not above criticism. And there will come a time when a discussion about the Labour leadership is appropriate. I do not think that time is now. I can find fault with Jeremy, but he must be allowed a decent amount of time  to show us what he is capable of .

I have found fault with all who have led us; none are faultless. This is what comes with being human. Besides, my version of socialism, social democracy, call it what you will, will not entirely tally with many people's - we belong to a party because we understand what compromise is. This was true under Blair, and is true under Corbyn.

The Labour Party is a mere talking shop if it is not winning elections. Let's get on with doing just that.

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