Sunday, 14 February 2016

Register to vote

Registering for the vote can be done online, and at any time. Here is the link

  • If you don't register, you can't vote! 
  • Voting gives you a say on who represents you at all levels of government
  • Elections can be called at short notice, and if you're not registered you won't be able to vote
  • Across the world people have died fighting for the right to vote and to be part of a democracy
  • It gives you a say on important issues that affect you
If you are not on the electoral register, you can’t vote and won’t have a say in how the country or your local area is run. Don’t lose your right to vote.
Being on the register is also proof of your identity and is often used by credit reference agencies and mortgage companies. These companies check the register when people apply for credit, in order to counteract fraud.
So, if you're not on the register, you won't be able to have a say at future elections, you may be turned down for a mobile phone contract and you run the risk of a fine if you ignore our requests for information.

Juries are also selcted from the electoral register. Our legal system is built upon the idea of trial by our peers, and this is diminished if some of our peers are unavailable to help see that justice is served.


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