Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Public transport and buses working party - February 22nd

The only agenda item was: C2C Timetable and Update on Progress. This was kicked off by a presentation from two representatives.

I asked a number of questions, particularly regarding ticket prices and seat availability. I asked about the tidiness of the land adjacent to their stations - Westcliff station has been a regular bugbear in this regard as it is seemingly a magnet for fly-tipping and rubbish.

The ticket price increases this year was 0.9% - above inflation. 

I also asked about timetabling, which had raised quite a few headlines owing to the number of protests. There have been 32 changes to the timetable since its introduction - which is a testament either to c2c's willingness to listen, or their ability to get it so wrong first time around.

There are currently 74 trains on the c2c line between Shoeburyness and London. These consist of four carriages, and 71 are in service at any one time.

There has been increased growth in passenger numbers. There is more housing planned which will see more passenger numbers. This will put a strain on the existing timetable. The solution is more carriages.

I asked about seat sizes as they are quite snug for adult men.

There were fourteen men present in the meeting, and one woman.

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