Thursday 1 September 2016

What news is not relevant?

Leigh-on-Sea and Westcliff-on-Sea covers some or all of the following eleven wards in Southend-on-Sea:

Belfairs, Blenheim Park, Chalkwell, Eastwood Park, Leigh, Milton, Prittlewell, St Laurence, Victoria, Westborough, West Leigh.

The Leigh and Westcliff Times (to give the paper its proper title) therefore is relevant to these wards. However, since all councillors take decisions covering the whole borough (I hope no-one is parochial enough to ignore everything outwith their own ward boundaries) then news in these two towns (Leigh and Westcliff) is relevant to all fifty-one who sit in the council chamber in Southend-on-Sea.

So, when Cllr Kenyon asks " Is there any need for the Leigh Times to be sent to Councillors who have wards outside Leigh?" I am tempted to respond that he needs to understand his role better.

Whether this requires a special delivery is arguable; that the Leigh and Westcliff Times is relevant is, in my humble opinion, beyond doubt.

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