Monday 26 September 2016

Southend Labour Group pleased about Queensway development but has some doubts regarding Tory plans


The Labour Group in Southend-on-Sea is pleased that the Council is continuing with the plans for a Better Queensway. This project was initially set up by the Joint Administration that Labour was a part of.

The new stock of social housing should address issues with  the current stock that is scheduled for demolition and replacement. The Better Queensway Project should also see additional social housing created.

However, the Labour Group has concerns that the Conservative-UKIP administration is planning for taller structures than were in the original proposals. The current plans show some buildings at twelve storeys high, whereas in the Joint Administration plans the planned maximum height was expected to be eight or nine storeys.

The Labour Group is encouraging the current administration to ensure that the road infrastructure is able to adequately cope with the increased traffic volumes.

Cllr David Norman said of the latest plans: "It looks like we are replacing one set of tower blocks with another." He added: "I would be interested to see what the ratio of social to private housing now is - I hope that the Conservatives and UKIP have not watered this down."

Cllr Julian Ware-Lane said: "I have had concerns about the road layout at the top of Victoria Avenue for some time. This project, with developments planned for the Seaway car park and Marine Plaza, will likely see huge increases in traffic volumes. I hope our roads can cope. I will be encouraging the Council to ensure that improvements are planned in."

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