Tuesday 26 July 2016

Odd notes

Two meetings yesterday evening. It began with the Public Transport and Buses Working Party, and continued with the Southend Central Local Community Meeting.

Here are some odd notes from those two meetings.

·         Real time bus signs show how far away the next bus is (in minutes).The also show timetable expectation for those buses not yet on route.
·         The current saturation of real time bus stop signs in Southend-on-Sea is 70%.
·         The target is 99.9%.
·         The target date for 99.9% saturation of real time bus stop signs is September 2016.
·         There is a smart phone app called Traveline South East and Anglia. It is free and shows real time bus information for the borough.
·         The last time there was an increase in the number of bus services in Southend-on-Sea was when we had Corporation buses.
·         Essex Police receive an average of 1200 calls a day.
·         Essex Police can only get to about 660 of them.

Those who want their police calls answered, or more buses, may like to contemplate whether voting for privatisation or cuts was such a good idea.

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